Our wonderful Stillness parents and carers, 


Below we’ve uploaded some plans and ideas to help your children keep learning, growing and having fun at home during this surreal time. 


We hope it provides some structure and normality to your days. Please don’t see it as an added pressure but as a helpful resource and please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the school email if you have any questions. 


All the best, 

Year 2 team 







Weekly Home Learning – Week   Beginning 13th July


Mythical Beasts PP

Comprehension Dragons and Knights

Tuesday – how does a mythical creature learn at school

Tuesday  challenge – What skill would you teach – Zog

Wednesday – Lesson plan

Wednesday – Dragon school versus Stillness

Thursday – Home learning – time connective sheet




Monday 1 – Ordering Zog

Monday 2 – Sequencing activity

Tuesday extra hot

Tuesday lemon and lime

Tuesday medium

Wednesday – Mix operation colouring

Wednesday – Multiplication and division

Wednesday – I spy dragons

Thursday 2d shape dragon

Thursday 2d shape sudoku

Friday – dragon maze

Friday – dragon number maze extra hot

Friday – dragon maze lemon and medium

Friday – extension dragon mystery

Mythical maths week PP




Mythical beasts PP

Geography extension – Zog direction

Fact file




Weekly Home Learning – Week   Beginning 6th July


Monday PP

Monday – Mydream chocolate bar

Tuesday PP

Tuesday- Chocolate wordsearch 

Tuesday Chocolate Cake Comprehension Lemon and Lime

Tuesday Chocolate Cake Comprehension Spicy Hot

Wednesday PP

Thursday PP

Thursday Letter Template

Friday PP

How to write instructions



Math  – Chocolate Maths Week PP

Monday Lemon and Lime

Monday Medium

Monday Extra Hot

Tuesday Extra Hot

Tuesday Extension

Tuesday Lemon

Tuesday Medium

Wednesday Lemon

Wednesday Extra Hot

Thursday Extra Hot

Thursday Lemon and Lime Change

Thursday Medium Change

Thursday Medium Substract

Thursday Maths Substraction Lemon and Lime

Friday Extra Hot

Friday Lemon and Lime

Friday Medium

Friday Extra Hot

Friday Lemon

Friday Medium



Foundation – Chocolate PP

Chocolate Investigation Sheet

Science  Sink or Float

Science Task 1

Does Chocolate Grow On Trees PP

The Ecuator

The History of Chocolate



Weekly Home Learning – Week   Beginning 29th June


Reading Comprehension 

Monday – English PP

Monday – Lemon and Lime Superhero Passport

Monday – Extra Hot Superhero

Tuesday – English PP Onomatopoeia 

Tuesday – English Onomatopoeia Sheet

Tuesday – Villian Identity Lemon and Lime

Tuesday – Villian Identity Extra Hot

Hero and Villian Word Mats

Wednesday Story Mountain And Setting PDF

Wednesday – English PDF

Blank Comic Strip

Blank Comic Strip 2

Thursday – English PDF




Maths PowerPoint

Monday- Monster Symmetry

Tuesday – Code Breaking

Wednesday Activity 

Wednesday Activity Table Chart

Thursday  Maths

Friday Maths Quiz





Today Superheroes

Superheroes Home Activities




Y2 End Of Year Project




Weekly Home Learning – Week 4  Beginning 22nd June




Monday – Draw And Write About The Logo

Tuesday – Rainforest Comparison

Tuesday – Compare The Pictures

Wednesday – Deforestation PP

Wednesday – For And Against Arguments

Thursday – Deforestation PP – How Does It Affect Animals

Friday – Leaflet Template

Friday – Newspaper Article

Reading Comprehension





Monday – Maths Extension

Monday – Maths -Medium -Odd -Even

Monday – Maths -Lemon and Lime -Odd- Even

Monday – Maths Extra Hot -Odd-Even

Tuesday – Maths PP

Wednesday Maths

Thursday – Maths Lemon and Lime

Thursday – Addition Word Problems Medium

Thursday – Addition Word Problems Extra Hot

Friday Maths Support

Friday Maths Lemon and Lime

Friday Maths Medium

Friday Maths Extra Hot





Geography – Why Are Orangutans Endengared

Science – Food Chain Sheet

Science – Food Chains



Weekly Home Learning – Week 3  Beginning 15th June


Monday – Animal Chart

Monday – Animal Pictures

The Great Kapok Tree PP

Writting Story Support PP

Tuesday –  Story Map

Tuesday – Pictures From The Beginning Of The Story

Word Bank For The  Great Kapok Tree

Wednesday – Speech Marks Sheet

Anansi Story

Anansi Comprehension Sheet


Monday Maths PP

Tuesday Maths PP

Wednesday Maths PP

Thursday Maths PP

Friday Maths PP



Science Life Cycle Sheet

Science Slides PP

Life Of The Rainforest Tribes

Geography Option 1 Sheet

Geography Option 2 Sheet





Weekly Home Learning – Week 2  Beginning 8th June




Maths – Monday

Maths -Tuesday

Maths –  Wednesday

Maths – Thursday

Maths – Friday




Geography Colouring In Map


Science -Design Own Animal



Week 1 Y2 Home Learning Work



Weekly Home Learning – Week 1  Beginning 1st June


Monday Questions

Tuesday – Rainforest Photos To Describe

Wednesday – Senses Word Mat

Thursday – Script Example



Tally Chart Worksheet

Spin the paperclip

Monday Tally Count Rainforest Animals

Tuesday and Friday Bar Chart Paper

Tuesday and Friday Sqared Paper

Wednesday Pictogram Favourite Colour

Thursday  Interpreting Bar Charts



Art Inspiration

Geography Rainforest

Geography Challenge Layers of the Rainforest

Rainforest Animals

Geography Strata Worksheet

Wednesday  Mindfulness Rainforest







Summer Poems



Weekly Home Learning – Week 7 Beginning 18th May


Monday rhyme

Tuesday Summer pictures

Wednesday poem templates

Thursday acrostic



Day one slides

Day two slides

Day three slides

Day four slides



Geography power point

Aerial photo worksheet

Labelling Features of local area

Physical geography wordmat

Human geaography wordmat





Weekly Home Learning – Week 6 Beginning 11th May



Design a building for the Queen! 


English Resources Day 1

English Resources Day 1

English Resources Day 2

English Resources Day 2

English Resources Day 3

English Resources Day 3

English Resources Day 5



Shapes Mon & Tue

Shapes Wednesday

Shapes Thursday

Shapes Friday


Shapes Home Learning






London Skyline Silhoutte


Exploding Seed Pod

Isle of Skye Fact File

Science Odd One Out Activity

Sycamore Seed Activity









Y2 Maths, English and Foundation Work


Weekly Home Learning – Week 5 Beginning 4th May




English Resources – Comic Sheet

English Resources – Comic 1


Maths Resources






Message from Mr Neville 




Go Mrs Amos!!!



 Mihir’s Video for Mrs Amos


Go Mrs Amos!!!





Sing AlongVideo from Mrs Amos



Weekly Home Learning – Week 4 Beginning 27th April



Y2 children having fun with their flying machines




Maths Resources 1

Maths Resources 2





Information Pack

Crystal Palaces Answers


Crystal Palaces Grid

Science Resources





Weekly Home Learning – Week 3 Beginning 20th April 


English Resources 1 – Newspaper example

English Resources 2 – Newspaper writing template

English Resources 3 – Newspaper writing word mat

English Resources 4 – Positive news – The Environment

English Resources 5 – Positive news – Kindness of Strangers


Maths Activities



Artwork inspired by Van Gough’s Sunflowers Painting



Science resources

Timeline London Landmarks

Van Gogh Sunflowers


Mrs Amos’ Garden Marathon 

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Message from Mr Neville



Message From Miss Matheson


Message From Mrs Amos


Weekly Plan 


Weekly Home Learning – Week 2 Beginning 30th March


English Resources




Weekly Home Learning – Week 1 Beginning 23rd March

Writing a story

Spelling Plans


Maths Calculations


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