2nd Challenge

Self Portrait Ideas

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and are having fun creating art at home.  We have really enjoyed seeing the photos of your artwork.  Please keep sending them in, your art really brightens our day!

My next project is for you to have a go at creating your own self portrait.  Self portraits are when someone paints or draws themselves, usually just their face and shoulders.  Here are some examples of famous self portraits.



First, decide how you want to do your portrait.  Will you choose paint, pencil, collage?  Maybe you could include a favourite pet, toy or book in your portrait. 

Next, get a mirror and have a good look at your face before you draw anything.  Hold the mirror so you can see your whole face. What shapes can you see? Can you see curved or straight lines? Do you have straight or curly hair? 

Start drawing out your face lightly at first, I usually start with the oval shape of my face then draw my eyes, nose and mouth.  Remember to keep looking back at your face in the mirror, drawing the shapes that you see.

When you are finished drawing add the colours that you can see. What colour are your eyes and hair?  Would you like a plain or detailed background?

Please send in photos of your finished self portraits and we will put them on the website in our own portrait gallery.  It will be great to see your own work on the website and also look out for your friends work too!

I cant wait to see what you create!

Mrs Gunstone x


Please email to Mrs Gunstone at admin@stillness-inf.lewisham.sch.uk.  Please include in the email that you are happy for your child’s work to go onto our website.


Here are some ideas.  This work is fun and colourful!  Some children even used a cardboard box for their face!  You could add wool or paper strips for the hair.




Self Portraits done by Stillness Children




1st Challenge

Vincent Van Gogh  Starry Night

Message from Mrs Gunstone


Here are some examples of the brilliant work you have sent in:

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