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Hello everyone,


Learning about our world helps us to know how we can look after it and how to help all the wonderful animals, birds and plants we share it with.  We love doing eco activities at school, but you can also do many eco activities at home too.



I have put together lots of activities for you to try at home with your families. Just a couple of things to remember 


  • you don’t have to print everything, just print out the relevant sheets in the activity
  • you don’t have to do all the activities, choose something that interests you
  • you can use the sheets just for ideas and make your own sheets instead


Lots of these activities count as evidence for our ‘Eco School, Plastic Free School and School Travel Plan’ Awards so if you can, please can you send me photos of your child in ‘eco action’ – maybe do one of your photos without showing your child’s face as we can use those ones on our Instagram/website. The surveys (plastics, recycling, water, energy or plant/minibeast hunts) are really important for our awards so please can you photograph all relevant completed sheets and send them to me at  please. You can also bring the finished sheets into school for me if you do not want to keep them.


Bird Spotting Sheet

Energy Vampire Slayer – Home Activity

Energy Awarness Survey

What A Waste – Home Survey

Plastic Pollution – Don’t Flush It Activity

Plastic Pollution- Home Clean Up The Beach Activity

Plastic Pollution- Lets Investigate Packaging and Single Use…

Plastic Pollution- Micro Plastics Activity

Say No To Plastic Colouring Sheet

Plastic Pollution Word Search

Marine Poster

Save Our Oceans Colouring Sheet

Sea life Top Trump Cards

Flush It Or Bin It – Activity

Family Water Heroes Home Survey

World Oceans Day Colouring Sheet

Shark Bookmarks

Make a Bottle Basking Shark

Nature Walk Activity and Colouring Sheet

How To Make a Mini Nature Reserve

How To Build a Bumblebee Nest

Make a Nature Mandala

Bugs Top Trump Cards

Giant Nature Letter –  Activity

Tiny Nature Treasure Hunt  – Activity

Butterfly Spotter Sheet

Leaf Hunt Sheet

Decorate A Tree –  Activity

Great British Bee Count Wordsearch

Spot It! Flowering Plants

Global Warming Wordsearch

Air Pollution Wordsearch

Walking Bingo 3 Different Sheets

Food Logo Challenge Sheet

Food Logo Challenge Sheet – Answers


Have fun with the eco activities! Remember to keep smiling and see you soon,





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