Being A Scientist At Home – Dino Fun Activity (Optional)



Welcome to Week 6 Music With Mr Grimes.

Let’s meet the Spring Chicken and take a Short Ride in a Fast Machine with John Adams – have your shakers ready. 

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English Home Learning Plan

Phonics Home Learning Plan

Maths Home Learning Plan

Foundation Home Learning Plan









Scotland Information PowerPoint


Writing Table Template

England Information PowerPoint



Phonic Activity


Maths Slides – Add And Subtract

Maths Activity




It’s Safer Internet Day today!


Northern Irland Information PowePoint


Writing Table Template

Wales Infrmation PowerPoint



Phonic Activity


Maths Slides – Add And Subtract Number Line

Maths Activity And Challenge

Maths Bonus Challenge




Writing Lesson Letter


Phonic Activity


Maths Slides – What Is A Number Sentence

Maths Activity And Challenge




Writing Lesson Letter


Thursday Phonic Activity



Maths Slides – Spot the Mistake

Maths Activity




Postcard Activity


Extra Phonic Activity


Maths Slides – Colour Add And Subtract

Maths Number  Line Aid

Maths Activity

Maths Bonus Challenge






Science – Carnivores-Herbivores-Omnivores- Teaching Slides

Carnivore – Herbivore – Omnivore- Venn Diagram – Sorting Sheet


PSHE Slides


Geography Slides

Geography – Character Passport Template


Dragon Eye Evaluation Sheet


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