As computers are all around us and are a fundamental of everyday life and we want our children to be able to understand what they are, what they can do and how to use them safely.

Although some time is spent in our Computer suite, getting the children used to mouse and keyboard use, our computing lessons take place all over the school and sometimes even on trips out as we use a variety of technology to research, program or record. 

While we hope we can fill the children with the wonder of some of the incredible things we can achieve using information technology, we also want them to know how to keep themselves safe on-line and to be be critical about what they read and see on-line. We always give Safer Internet Day prominence in the school, but know that safety and critical thinking are an all year round affair. We make sure to go over internet safety before any lesson (Computing or otherwise) and also lay down ground work for how to be an independent, responsible on-line citizen for when they are older. 


Headteacher: Annie Grimes

Deputy Headteacher: Sian Bannister

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