Science Curriculum Intent


At Stillness Infant we recognise that ‘a high-quality science education provides children with the foundations for understanding’ and furthering our world. We believe ‘all children should be taught essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science’ whilst also providing the opportunities ‘to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, to predict how things will behave, and analyse causes’. At Stillness Infant School our self-designed, sequential and ambitious science curriculum will:

  • spark children’s curiosity and encourage them to ask questions at every turn. The curriculum seeks to develop the determination, perseverance and independence of all children as they investigate the world around them. In combination this allows our children to contribute positively to the school, local and wider community.
  • celebrate a diverse range of scientists through our in-class learning, assemblies and our school science library. This range of individuals reflects our local and wider community and reinforces to our children our belief that we all can be and are scientists. Our learning within the units focussed on the human body remind our children of what is the same and what is unique about each one of us that make up our diverse school.
  • through a secure staff subject knowledge and a coherently sequenced curriculum, ensure that children build on their prior science knowledge, skills and vocabulary. We revisit learning from earlier in the year and/or previous years through ‘Science Flashbacks’. We ensure that children, including SEND and EAL, are challenged appropriately so that they are able to build a fluency and independence when working scientifically.
  • expose our children to a rich level of scientific vocabulary. We explicitly teach our children this vocabulary and seek to build their understanding of it and their confidence using it so that they are able to articulate their scientific findings and knowledge effectively. The vocabulary for each unit is established in advance by teachers through our ‘Scientific Knowledge Organisers’.
  • be broad and engaging. We adopt a multi-sensory approach that often includes practical activities and experiments that provide children with first hand experiences to explore and reflect on science. Children experience science beyond the classroom through outdoor activities, regular trips, home based activities and visitors coming into the school.
  • be presented in meaningful, at times cross curricular, contexts that encourage our children to make links to real life. In other subjects, we often read books with a scientific relevance to spark activities and further reinforce already taught knowledge. Additionally, all classes have access to a rich library of science books which provides reading opportunities and contributes to our whole school focus on reading.



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