History and Geography plays an important role in the implementation of our thematic curriculum at Stillness Infants. We value that teaching historical and geographical themes in a creative way is fundamental to successful learning for all children.


The Importance of Geography

Geography provokes and answers questions about the natural and human worlds, using different scales of enquiry to view them from different perspectives. It develops knowledge of places and environments throughout the world, an understanding of maps, and a range of investigative and problem solving skills both inside and outside the classroom. In addition, geography helps shape thinking about the future.

Teachers are responsible for the implementation of geography effectively and to assist pupils to:

  • Develop skills which enable them to develop their knowledge and understanding of places both locally and globally
  • Undertake geographical enquiry both inside and outside the classroom through use of maps, aerial photographs and data gathering.
  • Develop an understanding of the physical and human developments which enable us to make a sense of place
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development
  • Develop a sense of their own identity and place in their local environment as well as in the world.


The Importance of History

History fires pupils’ curiosity about the past and the wider world. Children will consider how the past can influence the present as well as the future. It develops a chronological framework for children’s knowledge of significant events and people. They see the diversity of human experience and understand more about themselves as individuals and members of society.

Teachers are responsible for the implementation of history effectively and to assist pupils to:

  • Develop chronological understanding of periods of time
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of key events
  • Know about famous people who have influenced the course of history
  • Recognise that the past is represented and interpreted in different ways
  • Be able to use a range of sources to select and record relevant information
  • Develop a range of skills necessary to communicate their knowledge and understanding.


Our intentions at Stillness Infants is: 

To review the current curriculum to ensure that it successfully meets the needs of Stillness Infants children and impacts positively on their outcomes.

To create an engaging and enriching curriculum accessible for all students

To give every child equal opportunities to experience history and geography related field trips.

To invite and encourage the interest and participation of parents/carers and other members of the community into the life of the school. 

Ensure variety of high quality teaching methods and practices are used throughout the year.

Ensure high quality teaching is supported through enriching trips in and around the local area as well as further outside of London to support children’s understanding of history and geography and give them a context for their learning.​


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