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At Stillness Infant School we believe that open communication with parents / carers has a positive impact on children’s learning because it:

  • Gives parents /carers the information they need to support their child’s education;
  • Helps the school improve, through feedback and consultation with parents/carers;
  • Builds trust between home and school, which helps the school better support each child’s educational and pastoral needs.

To facilitate this, we have a number of forms of communication:

  • Parent Consultations – You will get the chance to come in to school each term to talk to your child’s class teacher about their progress and wellbeing at school. You will find out their next steps and how you can support them at home 
  • Written reports – You will have three written reports a year which will tell you how your child is working against age related expectations and next steps.
  • Parent workshops – You will be invited to come in to school to find out about the learning in your child’s class in English and Maths, as well as a welcome meeting at the beginning of the year to introduce you to the staff in the year group. 
  • Parent Feedback meetings – These are held each spring to gather your views on what we are doing well and how we can improve. This feedback helps us write our School Improvement Plan. 
  • Weekly Newsletters – The Head teacher writes a weekly newsletter to let you know what is going on in the wider school and community. 
  • Weekly emails – Your child’s class teacher will send a weekly email, detailing the learning that will be happening in school in the upcoming week and ideas for activities you can do to enrich the learning at home. This email also gives parents the information they need to be able to productively discuss their child’s day at school. We also use ClassDojo in KS1 and EvidenceMe in Early Years to facilitate communication from home and in school. 
  • Email and telephone – If you can’t come to school in person, our office can forward your email or telephone call for the teacher to respond to.
  • Informal Communications – we really value simple face to face communication, so you will always be welcome to have a chat with the class teacher at a convenient time. We welcome your questions and feedback so please do feel free to just come and have a chat! No question or comment is too small! The head teacher and deputy head teacher are available in the playground before and after school each day.
  • Our Instagram page is a good way of seeing the learning and activities going on in school. 
  • Our website is a key tool in effective home-school communication. We hope that it is clear and easy to navigate so you can find key information quickly. It includes guidance for many common queries e.g. school dates, policies, clubs, weekly communications for home learning etc.


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