School Lunches

Our Mid-day Supervisors look after the children and care for their needs in a calm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

All school meals are cooked and served fresh from the kitchen located in the Junior School. Our Infant children all eat in the communal dining hall in the Junior school building.

Since September 2014, school meals for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been FREE! This has meant we have had a much larger uptake of school meals – the overwhelming majority of our children now have a school lunch. Our full time  Nursery children can purchase a school meal for £3 p/m.   

Before starting school (at the end of the Summer Term) we offer taster sessions so you can sample some of the dishes for yourself.

The kitchen manager is entirely responsible for the organisation of the kitchen and makes every effort to provide a nutritious meal which your child will enjoy. Special diets can be arranged if necessary.

Children have a choice of main course and dessert as well as the option to add salad and bread to their lunch. Vegetarian options are available every day. Menus operate on a 2-week rota and are reviewed regularly.

Vegan Menu

Allergy Aware Menu

Packed Lunches

A small number of children still have a packed lunch. We ask that parents do not give their children anything containing nuts/peanuts/peanut butter, strawberries, kiwis etc., as we have children with severe allergies. Packed lunches should also not contain sweets or chocolate.

Our attentive midday meal supervisors will help children to ensure they can eat all their lunch and will let you know if your child is not eating the lunch you have provided.

Lunchtime Play

We have a lovely playground for children to enjoy over the lunchtime period. The playground is staffed by midday meal supervisors and sports coaches, who are children know from their PE lessons and after school clubs. They have all had play leader training and aren’t just there to supervise the children on the climbing frames or using other equipment. 

Outside we have a wide range of games and activities on offer, such as a football area (always led by a coach), hoops, scoops, balls, stacking cups, construction equipment, trolley boards as well as indoor activities such Drawing Club and quiet reading. All these activities are drop-in and on a rota, so that every age group (and in the case of the football area; gender) get a turn.

School Address

Stillness Infant School
Brockley Rise
London SE23 1NH

020 8690 1208