Maths Curriculum Intent

At Stillness Infant School, we provide a creative and ambitious mathematics curriculum. Our curriculum is coherently structured and sequenced and effectively built on year on year. Our children gain rich skills, knowledge and vocabulary. It ignites curiosity and prepares our children well for the next stages in their education. We are committed to ensuring that children are able to recognise the importance and value of mathematics in the wider world. We also want our children to develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics that will stay with them for life.

  • Through looking at examples of our school values and British values in everyday life, the children will learn about what it means to make a tangible, positive contribution to school life and the wider community. Our mathematics curriculum positively promotes mathematics and develops their character, including resilience, confidence and independence. The challenges they are given enable them to gain confidence and work independently. They are not afraid to make mistakes, as they know they can ‘have another go’. We actively encourage our children to learn from their mistakes and share what they know using opportunities like Pupil Voice to help do so.
  • The imagery used within our mathematics curriculum reflects and celebrates our diverse community. Our value of Equality is also used to guide the opportunities the children are given towards their learning. Mutual respect is embraced through our curriculum providing opportunities for children to express what they know or wish to know in a safe environment.
  • Our mathematics curriculum is progressive and sequential which enables our children to acquire the right skills using the right resources and strategies. Our curriculum, taught through the Mastery Approach, includes a belief that ALL children are capable of understanding and doing mathematics, given sufficient time. Challenge is provided by going deeper rather than accelerating into new mathematical content. The mathematics curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of all children, including disadvantaged children, children with SEND or EAL, giving them the sequenced, progressive lessons they need to be able to develop as learners.
  • We teach subject specific mathematical vocabulary to enable our children to become rounded mathematicians who can problem solve and reason with confidence. It helps the children understand and make sense of what is being said in the classroom and beyond. It enables them to also articulate themselves with greater clarity and communicate effectivelywhen sharing what they know.
  • Through broad experiences children have the opportunity to embrace the beauty and wonder of mathematics all around us, tying into many other areas of the curriculum like Science and space exploration for example.  Workshops help them also learn about challenge and decision making. In turn they will not be afraid to make mistakes in mathematics but will also take risks.
  • Our children are encouraged to read across the curriculum to learn more about the world in which they live evident within the EYFS and Year 1 in particular as we have made an investment in high quality mathematics reading books for our children to access freely, enjoy and be inspired by.

Maths Curriculum Implementation

Here at Stillness Infants School our Mathematics teaching in the Early Year and Key Stage 1 is focused, rigorous and thorough, to ensure that learning is sufficiently embedded and sustainable over time.  More time is spent on teaching topics to allow for the development of depth and sufficient practise to embed learning.  Carefully crafted topic related lesson design provides a scaffolded, conceptual journey through the mathematics, engaging pupils in reasoning and the development of mathematical thinking. Where possible, workshops are also used to help the children show what they know and offer a broader experience.

Early Years

At Stillness Infants School we know that developing a strong grounding in number is essential so that all children develop the necessary building blocks to excel mathematically. We know that it is important that children develop positive attitudes and interests in Mathematics, look for patterns and relationships, spot connections, ‘have a go’, talk to adults and peers about what they notice and not be afraid to make mistakes which is why this is what we wholly encourage within the Early Years here at Stillness Infants. We provide daily maths session along regular opportunities for independent mathematical exploration in their maths areas through the drawers and activities set out, role play areas, small world and outdoor activities. This provides children ample opportunities to apply their maths skills and understanding for a purpose.

Key Stage 1

Through our teaching, targeted questioning and opportunities to show what the children know, they are getting the opportunity to achieve Mastery. White Rose Maths has been used to support our vision as well as the DfE endorsed Power Maths books and the DfE’s own guidance produced in July 2020 which is a resource that helps to see the connections. The published resources at our disposal will strengthen our teacher’s subject knowledge to in turn provide our children with the strong foundation for their Maths learning which is what is key. The concrete resources we utilise across the school help to build the continuity that is key to a whole school approach to learning.

As a school we endeavour to ensure we provide our pupils with a ‘language rich’ learning environment. Within our classrooms, the children learn the key mathematical vocabulary needed to support their learning. In line with the new national curriculum, we ensure that each year group is teaching the explicit objectives required for that age group. For SEN and EAL learners, additional support is given where needed. The opportunity to revisit prior learning is also a part of the lessons across the school. Early Years have a robust in class approach while Key Stage 1 utilise the Flashback Four resource to achieve this. To support the learning our teachers are given Mathematics CPD sessions throughout the year. Our Teaching Assistants also have training in the new Maths Curriculum, know the aims of our curriculum and which resources are at their disposal to help assist any specific group they may be set to work with at times.

We know the value of including our parents in what their children are learning so parents are invited to curriculum meetings and parents’ evenings to hear about how Mathematics is taught here. They are sent weekly newsletters about the area of maths they are currently learning in school. They are encouraged to share information with their children and practise the learning shared with them at home. Parent consultations and termly reports are another way in which we share more targeted areas within Mathematics to focus on across the year.

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