Reading and Phonics

Reading is a core skill which underpins independent learning.

Our approach to the teaching of reading is to ensure that children develop a love of books. To this end we have well stocked classroom libraries from which children can select books to read at home every day. These books may be books the children can read independently, books they can share with an adult at home or books an adult can read to them.

We also use a range of real books and structured books from a range of reading schemes which are banded according to the level of challenge so that we can teach children specific skills at the appropriate level. Children progress through these bands as well as continuing to read a range of books chosen from the library. This is so that children continue to enjoy reading for pleasure and have a literature-rich diet rather than being confined to the restrictions of a particular reading scheme or schemes.

Phonics is a key aspect to reading and spelling. Phonics is the practice of blending letter sounds (known as phonemes) to make words when reading and segmenting words into sounds to help with spelling.

Phonics is taught every day at Stillness. Children learn phonics through hearing, saying, reading and writing phonemes and our approach is to make the sessions lively and active through using a wide range of resources including ICT, playing games and even going outside. We follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme to teach sounds in a specific order. The teaching is supported by using the Jolly Phonics actions and rhymes.

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